Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Flash games

My mate came round the other night for an hour or so and he brought his little lad round with him, who quickly asked if he could go on the laptop to play games on the Internet turns out he was playing happy wheels which can be a bit gory but his dad wasn't to bothered.

WE chatted about F1 and where we think Rubens B will go or if he'll call it an end in F1. We did think that he could go to Mclaren as a 3rd / test driver. but whether that's what he wants is another thing

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Relaxed and ready for work

well my weekend was pretty much as expected, a relaxing one at home. Watching movies whilst on the sofa drinking some beers. it was nice to stay in but i did miss been out with the lads.

Good news is that it's pay day this week so i'll be out on friday and possibly saturday to make up for been in this weekend.

London seems more and more likely for new years which will be a really good few days.

Friday, 18 November 2011


For some reason this month i seem to be skint, not completely but i don't have much left in the bank for going out, I've got enough to cover shopping and some extra fuel. but other than that its empty.

So there for this is going to be a quiet weekend just lazing around the house i think. i really want to head over to London for the new year, so I've been busy looking at varying bed and breakfast london websites. Hopefully they aren't going to really hike the prices up over the festive period. A mate had been looking at Kings Cross Hotels and theres quite a few in that area and we are well located.

it seems like ages since I've spent a weekend in and i guess I'm just going to have some beers at home and stick a film on. I might even go out on Saturday for a drive somewhere.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Well last month was pretty hectic for me towards the end of the month. I spent both weekends out and about drinking and chatting, but i was also working pretty hard so i allowed my self to go out when i was hoping to stay in.

There where loads of people out in gio goi clothing so i'm guessing that they've launched some new gear. towns been packed the last few weeks and i'm kind of looking forward to a weekend off this week, but i do some times go out although it is a good few hours later than usual, which usually saves me some good money for the next night lol.

I've finally snapped and bought a Franklin and Marshall to keep me warm over winter while i lounge around the house. They aren't cheap but i know that they are pretty good quality  and nice and warm.