Monday, 23 April 2012

Spend Spend Spend

Well it seems that my parents are on bit of a spending spree at the moment, they got a new car last month, a Ford Focus so that must of set them back £12,000 at least as its delivery mileage and on a 60 plate, i think the dealers have had it kicking around while and did a good deal to get rid. They've now just ordered and Oeco garden room its a decent size to, so its not piddly small but not huge and unlike to look out of place in the garden its 5m x 4m with an over hanging canopy, so it should look pretty swish when its done.

Although i can't help thinking that my inheritance is been spent away merrily :(

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Down to London

Well when Ive been down to London before we've made some pretty cool friends and ones offered for me to go down over the weekend, thankfully i don't need to fork out for a St Pancras hotel as they are going to put me up at their flat which is pretty cool and will probably save me at least £70, that's half of a good night out in London.

I'm tempted to drive down on Friday afternoon so that i hopefully avoid all of the rush hour traffic. it also mean that we can pretty much go straight out on Friday night, I'd probably drive back Sunday late afternoon allowing me to be fully sober and be home in time for a bath and bed.